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Aplicação de Sistema de Robótica


Robotics Simulations

Asatek aims to be your partner in the search for the solution that best fits your company’s needs. With our wide experience in the market and technical capacity to develop 3D simulations that integrate artificial vision and feeding systems in industrial environment, we advise you on the models that most suit your needs, in order to bring the maximum performance to your project.


With us your project comes to life!

Aplicação de Robot Industrial na Leirimetal

Robotic simulations for performance validation and adaptation to factory floor

The industry is increasingly backed in the integration of robotic applications in existing production lines or in the development of new lines.

As a provider of robotics solutions, integrated with feeding and vision systems, some of Asatek’s most recent projects have focused on developing 3D simulations of robotic cells, with offline programming.

The demonstrations in 3D design serve to validate changes to the layout of production systems with a virtually built and dynamic environment, capable of simulating operational sequences and real behaviors. The design, programming and offline testing of the entire ecosystem allow evaluation of the solution framework without causing any impact on the productive system in operation.

Automation and robotics simulation makes it possible to simulate complete production cells and systems, allowing you to design and validate robotic movements to detect possible collisions and optimize movement and cycle times. Simulation construction is performed according to the required requirements and around the application such as spot welding, arc welding, drilling and riveting, cutting, painting and pick-and-place.

The goal is to optimize production systems with the implementation of robotic applications that can guarantee better use of the factory floor space or carry out a retrofitting of already installed equipment and where there may be opportunities for performance improvement or process adjustment.

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